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Lilia Zinatulina

Lilia Zinatulina

City: Vladivostok
Date of Birth: 02.08.1968
E-mail: lilia-zint :) yandex.ru

Degree in Art:

1987: The Vladivostok art school, painting faculty.
1993: Far East State Academy of Arts, painting faculty.

Shows and Exhibitions:

2011: «Do not you necks to me, mother, red dress: Exhibition of Erotic Art». «PORTMAY» gallery, Vladivostok (Russia).
2010: «Graphic of Vladivostok». Union of Russian Artists of Primorye region, Vladivostok (Russia).
2010: «150 years of Vladivostok», The museum of modern art «Artetage», Vladivostok (Russia).
2009: «Horosho sidim». «PORTMAY» gallery, Vladivostok.
2008: Solo exhibition «Camera Obscura». Contemporary art gallery «Arka», Vladivostok (Russia).
2008: «Graphic of Far Eastern artists». Contemporary art gallery «Arka», Vladivostok (Russia).
2008: «Through a magic crystal». «PORTMAY» gallery, Vladivostok (Russia).
2008: Biennale of graphics. Art-Centre of Oleg Iahnin, St. Petersburg (Russia).
2008: «Tricks of our small town». The museum of modern art «Artetage», Vladivostok (Russia).
2008: «Transit — Bosporus-east». The House of the artist, Krasnoyarsk (Russia).
2007: Art Moscow «9000 kilometers», Museum of contemporary art of Zereteli, Russia, Moscow
2007: «Transit-Europe-Asia». Vladivostok, Harbin, Berlin.
2007: «Russian mandala». «PORTMAY» gallery, Vladivostok (Russia).
2007: «The Christmas Star». «PORTMAY» gallery, Vladivostok (Russia).
2006—2007: «9000 kilometers». National centre of Contemporary art, Moscow (Russia).
2005: VIII Biennale of Asia Pacific Region. Seoul (Republic Korea).
2002: Biennale of contemporary graphic and sculpture. Moscow (Russia).
2002: «Generation X». The House of the artist, Vladivostok (Russia).
2002: «Russian people in America». New York (USA).
2001: Solo exhibition «Game with you». Contemporary art gallery «Arka», Vladivostok (Russia).
2000: «Pass 20 years». Contemporary art museum, Jersey (USA).
2000: «Diagramm of heart». Contemporary art museum, Pussan (Republic Korea).
1999: «Contemporary Russian Art 1958—1999». Simferopol (Russia).
1999: auction «DROUOT RICHELIEU». MILLON S ASSOCIES, Paris (France).
1999: Biennale of contemporary Russian graphic and sculpture. Contemporary art museum, Jersey (USA).
1998: «Unknown Russia». Contemporary art museum, Jersey (USA).
1998: «Russian vanguard». Nijnii-Novgorod (Russia).
1998: «From Moscow to outskirts». Gallery «Art-collegians», St. -Petersburg (Russia).
1998: «Vladivostok in Moscow». Moscow city gallery «А-3», Moscow (Russia).
1997: «Young Russia». Contemporary art museum of Tabakman, New York (USA).
1996: Solo exhibition. Contemporary art museum, Jersey (USA).
1995: Third region exhibition of young artists, Vladivostok (Russia).
1994: «White waltz». Primorye art gallery, Vladivostok (Russia).

Awards and Titles:

Member of the union of Artists of Russia.

Additional information:

Products in private collections in Germany, Austria, ShChvejtsarija, the USA, France, China, Russia.

On-line exhibitions under the heading «Personal Exhibitions»:
Lilia Zinatulina. «Jewelry»
Lilia Zinatulina. «The Coast of Yin, The Coast of Yang»
Lilia Zinatulina. «Young moon in the grass»
Lilia Zinatulina. «Kaleidoscope of Dreams»

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